Group Rock Climbing

Smith Rock Climbing Guides, Inc. provides Smith Rock's best group climbing experience.  Regardless if you choose the full-day or half-day option, our clients climb in the park's famous main area.  The perfect place for groups with varied ability levels or ages, there are hundreds of routes to choose from ranging from 40 to 400 feet in height.

Like all of our outings, the trip is customized to the interests and ability levels of your group.  Whether you have a group of Scouts or a family reunion adventure planned, you will have a great time at Smith Rock.  Those who want to come along just to take pictures are welcome as well!

Pricing is designed to be straightforward, transparent, and to ensure the best value, with no haggling needed.  We simply charge $75 per person half-day, and $95 per person full-day for groups of twelve or more.    

Our pricing and reservation policies are flexible and fair, making it easy to plan your group climbing trip.

Service that Leads the Way:

  • A minimal deposit ($100) reserves your group
  • Deposit is refundable if you need to cancel, until 24hrs of your meeting time.
  • You can change the number of participants until 24hrs before we meet, so you don't get charged for people that decide to stay home.
  • Half-days are 4.5 hours, allowing for the short walk to Smith Rock's main area
  • Full-days are 9hrs, with the option to extend the day at $30/half-hour over 9hrs paid to each guide on your trip.
  • 4:1 ratio of clients:guides ensures maximum climbing time and route variety
  • Rental equipment (climbing shoes, harness, helmet, etc.) is included in trip price, and available to try on when we meet.  No need to organize sizes beforehand.

Employing Smith Rock's largest staff of guides, and with a store-full of gear, we have taken groups of sixty climbing.  ​You get maximum time on the rock, and at Smith Rock's best crags.  So call your friends and let's go climbing!